John's Tumblr: It's Tough to Compete with Simple


Yesterday we met with a very talented entrepreneur who said this:

“It’s tough to compete with simple.”

He was talking about their product and how hard they’re working to make some basic human needs & expressions as simple as possible — and how if you can crack that nut, it’s very, very hard for…

Industry analysts are closely observing the fate of RIM (Reverse in Motion), whose Playbug vehicle, intended for business drivers, was originally released without a brake pedal or driver’s-side door. “We’ll get there,” said Mike Lazariding, co-chief executive.


Last spring, in a far corner of the Internet, an unknown blogger began to piece together a conspiracy theory: The investment bank Goldman Sachs was using sophisticated, high-speed computers to siphon hundreds of millions of dollars in illegitimate trading profits from the New York Stock Exchange, invisibly undercutting the market and sidestepping the regulatory reach of the Securities and Exchange Commission.
I think less than 20% of the companies we back end up doing what they started out planning on doing.
Not at all. Central bankers have no clue. In the first place, the financial crisis was not a black swan. It was perfectly predictable. They ignored the phenomenal buildup in leverage since 1980. They acted like airline pilots who’d never heard of hurricanes.
“It’s just the Island way,” he said.
Goldman Sachs has developed a tradable index of life settlements, enabling investors to bet on whether people will live longer than expected or die sooner than planned. The index is similar to tradable stock market indices that allow investors to bet on the overall direction of the market without buying stocks.
Last night Jeffrey passed away. As readers of his blog, you know about his zest for life. He had a passion for living and did it with reckless abandon. He gave so much of himself – to his family, to his friends, to his work – all because he loved his life and what he did.